mirror mirror on the wall

Ikea is Swedish for evil. No, that’s not true it’s actually an acronym for the man who started it. Similar if I was atnj ( Andrea T New Jersey) or atmh( Andrea T Mount Holly) not as fun! I recently had quite an exciting journey to Ikea. My mother was babysitting my Nanny so we had to trudge her along. I just had to go to the marketplace to get a frame for my friends wedding gift you saw in a recent post. Ha! Just a frame…..45 dollars later… 2 frames, a mirror, new cutting board, new trash can for bathroom, shower liner, some fabric, etc. The brilliant part of Ikea is the As-is department. Sometimes the stuff over there isn’t exactly as-is. Like the mirror I bought. 3.99 sure it didn’t have any hooks to hang it from but a nice sizeable mirror for 3.99! Score!

I’m playing around with my walls as I am entering Apartment Therapy’s cool small spaces contest and I have a professional photographer coming on Wednesday to take pics for airbnb! Exciting! So, I was hanging my new mirror when I realized the 3.99 mirror nearly fit in my wooden gomi-frame.

So I tapped some nails around the edges

Duck-taped the mirror in place and voila!

I’m quite pleased with myself and my new mirror mirror on the wall!


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