feeling kinda sappy

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a gorgeous wedding. It was my kinda wedding, I love the couple, I loved the venue, nothing was too over the top, like goldilocks it was JUST RIGHT.  It was just like the couple too. The perfect wedding complements the couple and shows you a little about their style. Just like your home is a reflection of your style, this wedding was a real reflection of their elegance and simplicity.

I loved the arrangements on the tables, so I much I now have two bouquets of white irises in my house! I also totally dig the mirror.

The arrangements on the tables were sakura, white irises and white tulips. Here are the irises, I love how the arrangements are not fussy. They are simple, in clear tall vases with stones supporting the flowers.

I am in love with the preppy-ness of this rug. If you look closely you can see racquetballs and racquets around the border! The red of the room. The club chairs. I love it. Not sure I could live with red walls, but I loved it for an afternoon!

These little pretties dotted the tables on the dance floor. Simple yet elegant.

I will always remember 4-10-11 as a splendid day!


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