she did what?

You must be wondering where did those white curtains from the closet go?

Because you know I love to play switcheroo. I took these extra long babies and pulled my first ever younghouselove inspiration-idea! if you have not visited it yet is truly one of my fave design blogs. I read it faithfully every day. Right after my darjeeling, nyt’s, apartment therapy and then yhl!

They stress that raising your shower curtain flush to ceiling makes for a more dramatic effect. It is true it really makes the bathroom seem more posh and hotel-like. It also amazingly enough makes the room which is tiny…seem bigger and taller. For some odd reason the ceiling is lower in there then the rest of the apartment.

I used to have sheers from my old bathroom up in there…until the long white prince erm I mean the new white long curtains came to live in the loo.

So you can see the hideous glass door I live to loathe. That rod is also heavily painted in/bolted to the wall and it’s removal might demo the entire bathroom so it remained. I bought a new tension rod at Target for under ten bucks. Also note a green obi border inside the shower. My sister found that on the gomi a hundred years ago when she first moved to Japan. Together my sister and I are the gomi girls oh so fierce and mighty.

Excited aren’t you? Can’t hardly wait to see my “office” as my father would say.

Isn’t it a dramatic difference? Well I love it. White isn’t for everyone, but I love it in small doses.

Here are some more shots of the bathroom so you get an idea of the room

The above pic is Madame Takara’s fave pic of my entire home. She loves the combination of items. Hence why I chose it for the top of the blog.

This next pic is shows how common day items can become art

So go crazy and have fun with your bathroom!


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