one is silver and the other’s gold

Anne recently told me her husband thinks  that using trash/found items is insane and she gets NEW things because of it. Must be nice right? I do like the occasional new item. My mother did housewarm me with these pretties when I first moved in

Messy house pic! yes, I am a human being, sometimes my house is messy. Shock! Gasp! I know. these blue cubes are lovely. They are from target and they are my copycatchic version of the much pricier crate and barrel version. I used to keep reusable grocery bags in one and blankets in the other. Now I keep guest supplies in one and the other has home decor items and fabric I have yet to use!

This duvet cover is from Ikea. It is aptly named Andrea! Who knew I was swedish? Seriously Ikea have you really run out of names? Or did you just not want to name me Desiree because it sounded too “ethnic” ( thank you father!)… You might also have seen this duvet cover on television. It is the mom’s duvet on the great british tv show Skins in season 3 and 4. It is also the oldest daughters duvet on Modern family. Both ladies obviously have impeccable taste. Note that the boat pic used to live over the bed. I change stuff around….A LOT….often after trips to Maine… The Andrea sheets are my fall-winter sheets. The vintage marimekko I have decided are the spring sheets.

So, yes while I love old and foraged I do appreciate some new things from time to time! As my fave tune goes from brownies… Make new friends, but keep the old one is silver and the others gold!



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2 responses to “one is silver and the other’s gold

  1. While I, in general, don’t have the knack for finding good used stuff (aka street stuff/trash) I am an inveterate shopper in “antique” shops and on eBay. And yes, I used the quotation marks appropriately, they rarely have actual antiques in these places. I MUST have a bargain. I love to haggle (also check me out when I go to Tiajuana.)

    But, yes. my husband doesn’t like stuff from the street. The great irony? We leave stuff that goodwill won’t take and that we can’t give away on the curb. We just got rid of a working dryer this way…:)

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