funny the first boy I ever kissed was named Ross

I adore Ross. No, Ross Paul I am not talking about you. It was great yes I was finally kissed and you introduced me to “Duck Soup”. However, this isn’t about that part of my life, that is another story, a book Rebecca thinks we should write, or another blog perhaps?

Ross, dress for less, is one of my favorite stores. The omen that I had moved into the greatest apartment was when I ran into one of my neighbors, who happens to work at…..ROSS! She is a riot. The only downside to Ross is, it’s a lot like dating. You have to stalk, I mean put in a lot of energy. You have to go once a week or so. You cannot have an agenda either. You might have to buy a calvin klein business attire dress even when you are unemployed because well it’s awesome and a steal. This sort of loyalty pays off. Sometimes Ross showers you in so much goodness you have to take a cab home. However, sometimes the two of you have hit a rocky patch and you walk out of the store alone.  Without a  cheap thin plastic bag full of goodies, eyes misty with tears and head to Reading Terminal Market because a canoli is the only thing that will console you. p.s. hold the powder sugar….it just gets all over you.

Ross brought Mr. Turtle into my life. I love him ever so….

Here he is hanging out at my old apartment, oh so fancy delancey. He loved the view of the garden, made him think of his childhood. Now he lives on top of the rinnai, which he enjoys, it’s like sunbathing. Sometimes, when he is feeling anti-social he hangs out in the bookshelf. The beauty of Mr. Turtle is, he was under ten dollars. However, finding an appropriate lightbulb for him……what an adventure

Another Ross beauty is my orange boat pic. This pretty was also under 15.00. Note the postcard from Sara gorgeously framed in a frame Katie Bryner gave me from Christmas. The Picasso underneath is framed in a piece of wood from the trash. I think it was from a large appliance? It was a perfect square so home to the fitz-carlton it came.

So, throw caution to the wind and get thee to a Ross. You never know what you might find!


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One response to “funny the first boy I ever kissed was named Ross

  1. sara

    oh wow! i can see the postcard!!
    thanks for framing it!

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