break on through

Reader, if you ever want me to do something…..tell me I cannot or that it might take two people or I should call my landlord. Because I live to then come back to work and say ,”Ha! You told me I couldn’t take the doors off my closet by myself! Guess what I did friday night!”

I looked at two apartments, this one and a beauty with high ceilings and exposed brick, but only one teeny tiny closet. A girl, even a gal like me with a very edited wardrobe, needs a closet. This place has two. One big old closet, with an “attic” over top and then a teeny sliver of a closet where my winter coats, boots and my beloved vacuum live.

So, one friday night. I came home from a crazy day at my old job. I think I made some dinner. Might have had an adult beverage or two. Thus the door tackling began. I first checked and googled the subject. Curious how thieves break into your house, google it. So ehow told me in an old building like mine, I could just take the pins out. Ha! That worked for ONE of four hinges. Double doors my friends, double doors. So I wound up unscrewing the actual hinges from the wall. It only took maybe an hour tops with my cheapie horrible dollar store screwdrivers. Yes, I know I really need to invest in proper hardware, but I get by!

At first I hung my fave tablecloth from MT up as a curtain for the closet. Then I bought curtains at target on sale for I think 13.00 or 11 bucks, some odd number, but I was excited at the price. They were too long, so I temporarily hemmed them. Until another Target trip I found an awesome cloth shower curtain on sale. So here is the progress of the closet in all it’s stages from baby to the beautiful gal with her braces off ready to start high school…..

I do apologize, this sadly is the only pic I have of the beastly doors!

messy house pic….how embarassing! Note the ugly wooden doors in the right hand corner, this is the only pic I have of them….I really guess I hated them!

You get an idea of the attic…which is excellent for luggage, my fan, and other items.

TADA!!!!!! Marvelous right? Don’t you love the big A’s? The A,L,T, hooks have since been moved, but otherwise this is how the closet looks now. She is purty eh?


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