if it’s not from the trash….

As the title goes, if it’s not from the trash… chances are Sara sent it to me or Madame Takara gave it to me. Or I bought it at Ross. No, Ross is not funding this blog…….YET!

Sara commented on my sister’s facebook the other day asking where her tenugui was.  A tenugui is…… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenugui   However, they are really much more fun then the one shown on wikipedia. Sara recently sent me the new years one from my fave Japanese shop….. AT, or afternoon tea. It has bunnies on it for the eto or animal of the zodiac for the year. Currently I am using it as a table runner. Will take another pic of it soon, but you get the idea.

I am very fortunate to have such generous friends with marvelous taste. MT, madame takara, has been very generous with my giving me frames, trincuts ( long story another blog!), towels, bedding, linens, scraps of fabric. My delicious sheets are from her. They are vintage marimekko. I simply adore them….

Aren’t they grand? Can you believe they are nearly forty years old? MT bought them in Harvard Square. What she and I love is that her “vintage items” are getting a second life.

Back to Sara, or Sara Tokyo as MT calls her because I have two close friends named Sara! See this is good you are starting to learn the characters who color my life! She is always sending me postcards, which I made a new years resolution to follow….so far Andrea 1 Sara 4or 5? She even survived a major earthquake and managed to send me a postcard! Horrible friend right? Her postcards are always frame worthy often the stamps are just as amazing. I am often soaking the postcards in teacups to get the stamps off! Here are a few of my faves….the first one I just adore because it reminds me of one of my favorite places in the world Kamakura, MT and Sara. It is now framed an on the wall I show in my first blog. try to find it!

This is a wall of postcards I made from wood scraps on the trash, a few nails and of course postcards from Sara. I was inspired by one of my fave blogs, http://www.younghouselove.com

These postcards are very special as well. The rose one is from MT, and the top two are from Sara. the top one had a very special message on it!

Sara and MT you are the best! I cherish your support and your friendship! Sara also requested a house tour…..coming soon! stay tuned!


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  1. sara

    ohhhhh im so glad my random cards are getting their new roles as interiro decorations! arigato!

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